LUKEWARM RESPONSE TO CRYPTO REPORT — A long-awaited report on the encryption debate from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine adds little to the long-running conversation but provides a clear framework for understanding what’s at stake, policy experts told MC after the report’s release Thursday. The report — the product of 18 months of research by a committee of 14 experts with varying views — does not recommend a specific approach to addressing investigators’ concerns about encryption.

Instead, it lays out an eight-part test for evaluating proposals, including what effect the policy will have on national security, personal security and human rights, how it will affect the international environment and who will bear any associated financial costs. It also says both sides need to provide more data to back up their claims.

Former DOJ cyber crime prosecutor Ed McAndrew said he agreed with the report’s point that there isn’t enough data about "how many investigations fail because of encryption." He added: "They don’t normally talk about their failures, but they really have to do so in this debate."

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