In the ongoing legal volleyball match between PXG and TaylorMade, the latest spike comes from PXG.

In court documents filed Monday, PXG amended its original complaint of patent infringement against TaylorMade and its P790 irons. The new version not only includes more specific descriptions of where PXG believes the P790 irons might be infringing, it adds three more patent-infringement claims. That means PXG is now accusing TaylorMade of violating 11 of its patents. Last month, TaylorMade denied violating any of the original eight PXG patent claims and asked the court to invalidate each of the PXG patents. In its countersuit, TaylorMade also accused PXG of violating seven of its patents.

In TaylorMade’s response to the PXG claims last month, its lawyers argued that the PXG complaint should be dismissed because PXG had failed “to map the features of the P790 irons onto the limitations of even one claim.” PXG’s newly amended claim gets more specific, however. In the new claim, PXG’s lawyers, led by Brian Lacorte of Ballard Spahr’s Phoenix-based firm, detail how the hollow, multi-piece construction of TaylorMade’s P790, including its polymer foam filling, feature elements described in PXG’s patents. The PXG patents all relate to its current lineup of 0311 irons.

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