A former Arizona elections director raises questions about the large number of partisan observers at the secretary of state's office, as employees began verifying petitions calling for a statewide vote on Arizona's school-voucher expansion.

"I would be concerned," said Joe Kanefield, a former Arizona elections director.

"I think the most important part about that process is that the election workers be able to do their jobs unobstructed, uninhibited. A lot of people in the room, there’s obviously a chance something could go wrong."

Earlier in the week, Save Our Schools Arizona delivered petitions with 111,000 voter signatures to Secretary of State Michele Reagan.

Under new procedures that Reagan's office said were designed to increase transparency, up to six observers from each side were allowed to watch. In the past, just one observer per side was allowed in.

SOS leaders questioned whether observers with the groups backing the voucher expansion were influencing Reagan's employees.

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