Law Week on April 26 gathered female lawyers in leadership positions or partner roles in male-dominated fields to visit the Circuit Media office to talk about access to the top of the profession for women. Leslie Eaton was one of the roundtable attendees.

I am one of the few left anymore who is still at the same firm that she started with straight out of law school. I ended up at Ballard Spahr because I was interested in the concept of a satellite office of a national firm versus- when I graduated it was four big local Denver firms.

I went there straight out of law school. And really I was taken under the wing of a male mentor/sponsor who was quite a bit older than I was who had never really worked with a woman before. We just got along really well. He was a wonderful man. And he supported me and sponsored and taught me everything there was to know, or he could teach me, about being a trial lawyer. His name is Roger Thomasch. He’s a fantastic person.

So I was busy working, getting great cases, getting a lot of opportunities, a lot of great standup opportunity as a litigator that you crave in your career. And lucky for me, he let me do things probably maybe before I was ready. So I got a lot of great experience and got to get my hands in the meat of cases. And I was doing my job and keeping busy and loving it, and the next thing I know, they are telling me I was a year or two away from partnership. And I was like, wow, I didn’t realize this could happen.

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