The CFPB and its Director Richard Cordray are currently locked in a heated battle with PHH over its constitutionality, and on top of this, there are four different acts of Congress being pushed out to change, or even abolish, the agency. People most certainly have questions about all of this.

Cordray did answer early on in his interview that he thinks the independence of a consumer watchdog is very much worth fighting for.

Given that mindset, Alan Kaplinsky stated in Ballard Spahr’s blog on the CFPB that the interview was more noteworthy for what it failed to cover than for what it covered.

Kaplinsky listed 8 more questions that he wished Cordray would’ve answered. Here are three of the questions he listed. Check the blog for the full list.

1. If President Trump tries to remove you for cause, will you fight the removal in court?
2. Rumors are swirling that you intend to run for Governor in Ohio? Are the rumors true and, if so,when would you need to resign and begin your campaign?
3. Have you had discussions with anyone in the White House or part of the transition team and, if so, what message have they delivered to you?

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