FBI Director James Comey has once again thrown a curveball into the 2016 election with just two days to go. In a late Sunday afternoon letter to Congress, Comey confirmed that the FBI has not changed their conclusion regarding their decision not to move forward with charges against Hillary Clinton.

“Nothing about this is the usual – particularly after the first Comey letter,” said Henry E. Hockeimer. “That letter, and the subsequent criticism, may have spurred the Bureau on to review this new information as quickly as possible and reach some conclusion before the election. From reports it’s a lot of emails, but with significant manpower it’s certainly possible all of it was comprehensively reviewed for any relevant information. It’s unclear to me whether any prosecutor played an active role in this piece of it – seems like the FBI was in the lead. My guess is there was some prosecutorial role, but not a significant one.”

“After all of this firestorm over the last week and not having found anything problematic it appears to be a big ‘never mind.'”