Over the past week, the American Bar Association has been a punching bag and the object of ridicule in the media, following a report in The New York Times that it rejected an article submitted by former journalist and media lawyer Susan Seager, titled "Donald J. Trump Is A Libel Bully But Also a Libel Loser."

Carol Stevens, a spokeswoman for the ABA, said the bar group never rejected Seager’s article, but that the author voluntarily chose not to publicize the article in the ABA after receiving several "suggested" edits from an ABA executive.

A request by the ABA to The New York Times requesting a correction hadn’t been fulfilled, likely because there appeared to be evidence—including numerous emails—of what looked like a rejection.

"I'm disappointed that the ABA would engage in such spinning of the truth," said David Bodney, another lawyer who was involved in the publication process on behalf of the Communications Lawyer. "It was shamed into doing the right thing."