Despite a possible lawsuit from Donald Trump, a publication of the American Bar Association (ABA) will run a story that’s critical of the US presidential candidate.

The ABA was criticized by media lawyers and the wider community after The New York Times reported that the association was balking at running the article because it initially had objections and requested edits to parts of the story which was slated to run in Communications Lawyer.

The ABA later decided the story written by Susan Seager and originally titled “Donald J. Trump is a Libel Bully but also a Libel Loser” would be published without edits, according to a report from

Rather than have the article edited, Seager pulled it from the publication and the full and annotated version was subsequently published by Vox Media’s The Big Idea.

David Bodney, the immediate past chair of the ABA's media law subgroup told Vox in an email: “In my experience, the ABA's attempt to dilute Ms. Seager's article was extraordinary, if not unprecedented, and demonstrates the importance of lawyers standing up against actions taken under the guise of our libel laws that would chill freedom of expression.”