New details are emerging about the "second Snowden," arrested by the FBI for allegedly stealing classified material from the NSA, where he worked as a contractor. While the suspect, identified as 51-year-old Harold Thomas Martin, has already been accused of stealing the National Security Agency's source codes that allow US intelligence to spy on foreign rivals, new revelations suggest that the Booz Allen Hamilton contractor may have hoarded secrets for up to a decade.

During his time with the agency, Martin, a US Navy vet, worked in the Tailored Access Operations unit. This department is responsible for hacking the networks of foreign governments. His motives remain unclear and investigators have not determined if Martin shared the top-secret information with anyone. While he has been compared to Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who revealed the extent of the United States' domestic spying apparatus in 2013 – and also worked for Booz Allen – Martin's actions appear to predate Snowden.

Speaking to Radio Sputnik, former federal cybercrime prosecutor Edward McAndrew also disputes these early comparisons to Snowden. "People do these things for lots of different reasons," he says. "What's really at issue here is for what purpose did he remove this data from a secure facility."

Early indications suggest that federal authorities captured Martin before he was able release information. "The government now has him in custody and under its control," McAndrew says. "What the government does not necessarily have at this point is total control over the data that he took from the facility. And what they are surely working to determine is whether and to whom and to where he disseminated any of that data."