The state Attorney General's office wants to reduce the amount and severity of the criminal charges it filed against former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed to "streamline" his upcoming trial, according to a motion filed in the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas Sept. 23.

Reed still faces 144 counts, including charges that he stole city-owned artifacts.

Mayor Reed still faces 144 counts, which includes 25 felonies and 89 misdemeanors and charges that he stole artifacts owned by the City. His attorney, Henry E. Hockeimer Jr., has objected to the AG's motion to amend the charges, and contends that 21 of the 25 felonies are misclassified.

According to an answer filed in court Mr. Hockeimer filed in court Friday, 21 of the counts are considered second-degree felonies simply because the AG's office classified 21 of the antique guns agents seized from Mayor Reed as firearms.

"Mr. Reed now objects to the inclusion of any counts classified as felonies solely because they involve antique guns," said Mr. Hockeimer, noting that per state law, antique guns are not considered firearms.