Last Saturday, the grandchildren of 94-year-old artist Maj. Fredric Arnold held strings tied to sheets covering figures in the bronze statue "Lest We Forget: The Mission," at Wings Over the Rockies.

As the names were read — Teenager, Squadron Leader, Good Lookin', Lucky Strike, Eager Beaver, Frenchy, Montana, Lonesome, Tailend Charlie, Stud, Speed and Handsome — the grandchildren removed the sheets, revealing each figure carrying his own message and representing the lives of airmen who did not make it home.

The new sculpture is the result of seven years of work, and more than 70 years of memories inspired by the deaths of 12 fellow pilots who served in World War II with Arnold. Coloradans can see the statue at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum at Lowry until at least January 2017, when it is scheduled to be shipped to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.

Steve Donelson, Shawn McIntire, and Jamie Bischoff represent Lest We Forget: The Mission, LLC, which holds all rights to the sculpture.