The Pennsylvania attorney general’s office recently announced it will not appeal an order dismissing more than 300 expired criminal charges against former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed for allegedly diverting funds away from a municipal incinerator project to purchase artifacts and other memorabilia, noting that 144 charges remain.

Despite being stymied from bringing several of the charges prosecutors laid out in a July 2015 criminal complaint against Reed, who left office in January 2010, the OAG’s office said that enough charges remain to put the former mayor behind bars for 886 years.

Prosecutors accuse Reed of engaging in a 20-year practice of issuing public debt for one purpose before diverting the cash into a special projects fund. This money went both to buy artifacts and to pay fees to select individuals who supported his efforts.

Prosecutors had tried to push the now-dismissed charges through, based on the extended statute of limitations for public corruption cases, but Reed argued that the extension only remained available for the five years after an official leaves their post.

In his dismissal order, Senior Judge Kevin Hess said that “by virtue of what we regard as the clear language of the statute, there is no triggering of an extension of the period of limitation in this case.”

Ballard Spahr LLP attorney Henry Hockeimer, who is representing Reed in the case, told Law360 on Friday that his side is pleased.

“We think it’s the right decision by the attorney general,” he said. “We look forward to contesting the remaining charges at trial.”

Reed is represented by Henry Hockeimer of Ballard Spahr LLP.