State prosecutors are weighing their options immediately after a judge on Monday dismissed 305 of the criminal charges the attorney general's office filed last year against former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed.

There are 144 counts still remaining, and Jeffrey Johnson, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, said the case is far from dead.

Hess' ruling removes all the charges filed against Reed regarding his administrative actions as the city's mayor, including accusations that he bribed other city officials and illegally manipulated borrowing to finance purchases of historic artifacts for a series of museums he envisioned.

Hess agreed with Reed's lawyers, Henry Hockeimer Jr. and Terence Grugan, that waiting until last summer to file those charges was too long after Reed's January 2010 departure from office.

Reed's lawyers’ plea to dismiss the other 144 charges, most of which accuse the ex-mayor of stealing artifacts that were bought by the city, was rejected by the judge. Those counts are based on numerous artifacts state agents seized from Reed's home and rented storage facility prior to his arrest in July, which his attorneys say that Reed can prove were items he legitimately purchased.

Hockeimer said Monday that he is pleased with Hess' decision to dismiss the majority of the case against Reed. "This was an ill-conceived prosecution from the start and we look forward to vigorously contesting the remaining charges at trial," he said.