Former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed won the dismissal of 305 of the 449 charges against him Monday in a case in which prosecutors accused Reed of illegally spending public money to buy thousands of artifacts for museums that were never built.

The order, by Senior Judge Kevin Hess in Dauphin County, agreed with Reed’s lawyer Henry E. Hockeimer Jr. that the statute of limitations had expired on the counts.

"We’re pleased with the decision," Hockeimer said. "We believe that this has been an ill-conceived prosecution from the start, and we look forward to vigorously contesting the remaining charges at trial."

Hess left intact other charges resulting from investigators allegedly finding scores of the city-owned artifacts, including antique firearms, in Reed’s home or a separate storage facility, and his alleged attempts to sell the firearms on consignment. The artifacts also included a life-size sarcophagus, a full suit of armor and a life-size buffalo head.

A trial date has not been set.

Reed's lawyer has argued that Reed did those activities in public view with approval from other government agencies. Reed left office in January 2010, and Hess ruled the statute of limitations expired in January 2015, six months before Reed was charged.