Amazon’s decision to remove encryption from its tablets running the latest Fire OS 5 release of its software has many privacy-minded tablet owners are crying foul. They are blasting Amazon for making their tablets less secure and no longer safe to store personal data from email credentials, credit card numbers and sensitive business information.

The move is being highlighted in contrast to Apple’s tough stance on encryption for its iPhone. Some Amazon customers wonder how the company can make the move while simultaneously supporting Apple in its current legal fight against the FBI over unlocking the iPhone owned by one of the shooters in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif., last year.

Amazon joined Google, Facebook and Microsoft in a “friend of the court” statement supporting Apple: “By standing with Apple, we’re standing up for customers who depend on us to keep their most private information safe and secure.”

Amazon’s decision to remove encryption, security experts agree, is not tied to Apple’s matter with the FBI.

 “Amazon appears to be making the assumption its users just don’t care about securing its tablets to the same degree Apple and others have. The assumption may be, because the primary purpose of the tablet is media consumption, the security bar can be lower,” said Ed McAndrew, a partner in the data security practice at Ballard Spahr.

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