Media entities, including The Arizona Republic and six other local media outlets, asked for permission to intervene in the criminal case of Leslie Allen Merritt, Jr., the man accused of some of the Interstate 10 shootings that unnerved Arizona motorists in 2015.

The county prosecutor had asked the judge to seal the attorneys’ pleadings and motions in this pending criminal case, while the media entities—in the filing–argued against that motion and asked to keep those records open.

“Tellingly, the state has cited no law in support of its motion and the wholesale closure of the judicial record in this case,” wrote David Bodney in his motion.

“Because the state fails to cite ‘compelling reasons’ to justify sealing of all pleading in this case, and because the balancing of interests favors interveners’ strong presumptive right to access these court records,” the court should deny the motion o seal them, he wrote.

It would be extremely rare to seal the documents, Bodney said.

“The pleadings and motions are some of the most basic court records of the parties’ positions in the case. And it would be extraordinary and extraordinarily drastic measure to prohibit public inspection of those court records,” he said.