Ballard Spahr formed a dedicated Political and Election Law Group to help individuals, organizations, and government officials navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment governing political activity.

The team of more than 15 lawyers will advise clients on issues such as campaign finance, redistricting, access, lobbying and electoral strategy, PAC formation and regulatory compliance. Litigators in the group have decades of experience representing clients during investigations and defending them in enforcement actions.

“It is a fundamental tenet of civics that everyone has the right to participate in governing our nation—whether that means voting, contributing to a political campaign, taking part in lobbying efforts, or running for public office,” said Joseph A. Kanefield, the Ballard Spahr partner who leads the group and who previously served as General Counsel to former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. “The current enforcement environment, though, has turned that landscape into a potential minefield.”

Like Kanefield, several in the group have held prominent positions in administrations on both sides of the aisle or played leading roles as campaign strategists in federal and state elections before they became attorneys in private practice.

Team members with that background include Edward G. Rendell, the former Pennsylvania Governor and General Chair of the Democratic National Committee during the 2000 campaign; Kenneth M. Jarin, Vice Chair for National Finance for the Democratic National Committee and the former Treasurer of the Democratic Governors’ Association; and Jon M. Laria, who chaired the Finance Committee for former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and served on the Transition Steering Committee.