The banking industry will be watching the U.S. Supreme Court this year as it considers hearing a case that could make it much harder to sells loans on the secondary market and rules on a case that could further limit class actions.

Other important cases will be ongoing in the Second Circuit, the D.C. Circuit, and the D.C. district court that could define battle lines between banks, other financial firms, and the regulators that oversee them.

Midland Funding LLC et al. v. Saliha Madden, if the Supreme Court agrres to hear an appeal of the Second Circuit’s ruling, could either be swiftly decided or drag on. The Second Circuit’s ruling, announced in May, subjected all debt and consumer loans inssued by a national bank and sold to a third party to state usury claims.

That decision has had a chilling effect throughout the financial services world.

“It has an impact in a lot of areas, particularly marketplace lending where a lot of lenders rely upon a model that could be affected by the Madden case,” Ballard Spahr LLP partner Alan Kaplinsky said.