The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will review civil-forfeiture proceedings in a case where a Philadelphia woman’s home and vehicle were taken as a result of the arrest of her son, Donald Graham, who was arrested while living in her home and driving his mother’s 1997 Chevrolet minivan during one of the three controlled marijuana transactions that were set up by the police.

After the arrest, the state filed a forfeiture action against Ms. Elizabeth Young. The trial court rejected her defense that she had no knowledge of her son’s activities, and her claim that the forfeiture of her home was an excessive fine for the offense—in which she was not involved—of selling about $90 worth of marijuana. She appealed to the Commonwealth Court, which reversed and remanded the forfeiture in late 2014.

Ms. Young is represented by Jason A. Leckerman, Jessica M. Anthony, and Lisa B. Swaminathan of Ballard Spahr.

“I think [how] they’re approaching forfeitures is different…How that will play out in the future is not clear,” Mr. Leckerman said. “It’s my understanding that there have been changes, and changes for the better, but what’s going on in other counties is not clear.”

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