Insisting there's waste and corruption to be found, a Senate panel on Wednesday approved a request by Gov. Doug Ducey to let him hire someone who would have broad authority to poke into what state agencies are doing.

Ted Vogt, the governor's chief of operations, said his boss wants someone to conduct "full, complete, unbiased reviews and assessments across multiple state agencies to root out fraud, waste and abuse.'' And Vogt said this person, who would have a badge and could hire a staff, also would "seek out efficiencies'' in how government operates.

The 4-3 party-line vote in the Republican controlled Senate Government Committee came amid concerns expressed by both media attorney Chris Moeser and Sen. Martin Quezada, D-Phoenix, that HB 2420 makes complaints to the new office and documents it obtains confidential.

Vogt conceded the point. But he promised to seek an amendment when the measure goes to the full Senate to ensure that "some of the findings'' eventually will be made public.


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