The distributor behind Drake's controversial concert film Drake's Homecoming: The Lost Footage is suing the rapper for libel and other charges after he tweeted comments disavowing the movie.

SpectiCast filed the suit in California on Wednesday, alleging libel, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and interference with performance of contract. The suit comes one day before the film, recorded at Toronto Sound Academy in 2009, appears in 350 theaters nationwide Thursday alongside international screenings.

The company alleged that the rapper spoke negatively about the film and "attempt[ed] to sabotage" it in order to steer fans towards buying tickets to his annual OVO Fest in August. "Drake's secret motivation for publishing the damaging falsehoods about the film, and trying to destroy its commercial and artistic success, was to drive Drake's fans to purchase tickets to his own 'OVO Fest' event instead of the film, under the false guise of #protectingthefans," the suit claims.

"Drake authorized the filming, he was paid for it, he still has a financial stake in the movie and his current statements to the contrary are completely false," Peter Haviland, an attorney for SpectiCast, said in a statement. "Drake's actions are libelous, malicious and damaging to those who worked hard and honorably to get this movie out."

A representative for Drake declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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