Lynne Abraham, 74, is no stranger to the campaign trail. As she often points out, she has run and won citywide races eight times. Her most recent go-round was her last election as district attorney in 2005, when she defeated a challenge from Seth Williams in the Democratic primary. Williams won the job in 2009.

Abraham's advisers say she was easily able to pause her work at a law firm — where she has been since departing as district attorney in 2010 — and take on the rigors of campaigning: calling potential donors during the day, giving speeches and presentations, meeting with groups, and attending fund-raisers at night.

"There's nobody who can campaign like Lynne," Michael Sklaroff, a longtime adviser and chairman of her campaign, said last week. "She resonates with people. There's a chemistry. When they hear her, they find her to be fully engrossing." 

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