Steven W. Suflas, Managing Partner of Ballard Spahr’s New Jersey office, was among several leading attorneys in the state and executives of the New Jersey State Bar Association to discuss issues affecting the practice of law and business with New Jersey Business magazine. The discussion was part of the magazine’s “Trade-Talk Roundtable” series.

Discussion topics included tort reform, the creation of business courts, the practice of alternative dispute resolution, and New Jersey’s economic climate and its impact on the delivery of legal services. Among other observations, Mr. Suflas noted that New Jersey is an ideal state to practice corporate law because it has a highly educated workforce, “is a well-compensated area of the country, and it is a great transportation hub.”

He added: “After 2008, corporate legal departments became much more sophisticated purchasers of legal services. One of the thing they learned is the quality of lawyering in this state is unequaled around the country … and they don’t have to deal with Manhattan law firms with Manhattan real estate and cost of living rates. Work can be done here with lawyers of unparalleled quality.”

Mr. Suflas also discussed why the state’s legal climate tends to favor employees in employment law disputes. “The judiciary has traditionally been very focused on protecting and expanding the rights of employees. … In New Jersey it takes lawyering of a much higher quality level and much higher creativity level given the legal landscape with which we’re dealing.”

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