Judge Patricia McInerney, who is presiding over the clash between owners of The Philadelphia Inquirer’s parent company, denied an injunction Thursday aimed at removing the paper’s publisher, Robert Hall, but made no judgment on whether the termination of a top editor violated the organization’s management agreement.

Judge McInerney, of the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, made her ruling after she heard testimony from Lewis Katz. Mr. Katz, the co-owner of Interstate General Media LLC, claimed that his business partner extended Mr. Hall’s contract without consulting him in an effort to gain more control of the company.

“She clearly made the correct, courageous decision. They had not established a clear right to have Mr. Hall ousted and removed as the publisher of the paper,” said David Pittinsky, a litigator with Ballard Spahr representing Hall. “He remains as publisher and their attempt to oust him as part of this action has now been rejected by this court.”

Judge McInerney did not rule on the second injunction, which was meant to reinstate Bill Marimow as the paper’s top editor, who Mr. Hall fired in October.

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