Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed an amendment to the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act known as Act 37, which gives condo developers more time to complete their projects.

When the market imploded in 2007, many projects stalled, leaving future planned units, amenities, and other improvements unfinished, according to Ballard Spahr partner Mark S. DePillis. Under the previous rules, developers had only seven years to restart their work.

While the Permit Extension Act of 2010 offered some relief, it expires in 2016, while the new law is broader and will remain in place, said Ballard Spahr’s Philip B. Korb. Act 37 gives developers the right to build and add units on the common elements of a project or add or withdraw property from a project for up to 10 years.

“The application of the amendment will be clear and shouldn’t raise concerns with title insurers,” Mr. Korb said. “It expressly allows a developer to take advantage of the 10-year time period even for existing projects. And it isn’t a short-term fix.”

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