A new plan for Metalcraft Technologies Inc. (MTI) and its subsidiary SyberJet calls for the building of a new SyberJet facility in Cedar City and a $20 million expansion for MTI. The new plan was made possible in part by tax incentives from the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) board, which gave incentives of $16.8 million and $15 million, respectively, to SyberJet and MTI to build in Utah. The expansion at MTI and the new SyberJet facility are expected to bring 1,200 jobs to the Cedar City area, most of which pay significantly higher than the average local wage.

Ballard Spahr partner Jerold G. Oldroyd, Chairman of the GOED's Incentives Committee, talked about what the new plan means for the Cedar City area. "These are very, very high paying jobs in a rural community," Mr. Oldroyd said. "It’s not very often that we have a rural incentive of a $400 million capital investment that employs 1,200 people. This is a huge deal not only for Cedar City but for the state of Utah."

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