With the presidential race over, political junkies in Arizona have turned to the closest major election, the 2014 gubernatorial race. Behind the scenes, nomination hopefuls are preparing for a bid. Publicly, it’s too early to announce a run.

These hopefuls, however, may encounter a unique challenge from Governor Jan Brewer, who could seek a third term. Although the state constitution prohibits three consecutive terms, Gov. Brewer’s supporters argue that she should be the exception to this rule because she inherited her first term when former Governor Janet Napolitano left to become Secretary of Homeland Security.

Joseph A. Kanefield, former General Counsel to Gov. Brewer and current Ballard Spahr partner, has noted that the legal question centers on the definition of “term.” He has said that the authors of the constitution were referring to a governor who was elected to a term and not to a governor who inherited the office.