While some politicans step quietly into the background after leaving office, Edward G. Rendell has remained very much in the public eye. He practices law as special counsel at Ballard Spahr, analyzes politics for NBC, and co-chairs Building America’s Future, an organization dedicated to improving American infrastructure. Mr. Rendell is also the author of a newly released book, A Nation of Wusses: How America’s Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great.

Mr. Rendell sat down with South Jersey Magazine for a Q&A discussion about the book, his vision for America, and his beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

South Jersey Magazine: When did this “wussification” start occurring? What can we do about it?

Mr. Rendell: The president has to lead and say, “Look, the only way we’re going to meet the challenges, the only way we’re going to get through it without falling over the fiscal cliff, is for us to take bold steps, which involve taking risks and ticking people off…but I’m going to lead and I’m going to take most of the weight and you guys follow and do the right thing.”