Labor and employment work is seeing a surge in demand, despite a number of surveys painting a bleak picture of the legal industry’s financial health in 2012. Demand for such work rose 4.7 percent in the second quarter, according to a Hildebrandt peer monitor index report issued this summer.

Labor and employment attorneys attribute the upswing to a more active National Labor Relations Board under President Barack Obama’s administration, an increase in collective bargaining battles, and a rise in employment litigation reaching the courts. And regardless of who wins the White House, they also expect continued post-election demand in such areas as consulting on labor and employment policies and health benefits.

If Mitt Romney wins, NLRB cases will be dramatically affected, Ballard Spahr labor and employment lawyer Steven W. Suflas said.

“If it is a Republican in the White House, you’re going to see a tremendous change in this area. All of these NLRB cases will be reversed,” Mr. Suflas said. “As a practitioner, I think that all lawyers who practice in the NLRB space would really like to just have some predictability and right now, there’s not.”

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