Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberley A. Strassel interviewed former Pennsylvania Governor and current Ballard Spahr partner Edward G. Rendell and BP Capital Management Chairman T. Boone Pickens on the state of the energy industry and how the boom in natural gas can change everything. Both agree that investing in natural gas can boost the U.S. economy without detracting from development of renewable energy. In the interview, they discuss how to prove to skeptics the value of natural gas in an environment unfriendly to nonrenewable resources.

“Look, natural gas, just like oil, is going to eventually go away. It's not renewable. So we need to do everything in energy. We need a comprehensive piece of energy legislation that has something to help motivate every source of energy that we have,” said Governor Rendell. “Natural gas is great for America in so many ways. But it's a transition. Yes, it's a transition that's going to extend beyond any of our lifetimes, but we have an obligation to keep the press on for renewable and alternative sources of energy.”