Cities across Pennsylvania are in financial crisis. Ballard Spahr’s Municipal Recovery Initiative helps cities in distress. The team was featured in a public radio report chronicling the obstacles faced by Reading, Pennsylvania, which filed for Act 47 after grappling with a shrinking tax base and escalating labor costs.

“It may cost 10, 20, $50,000,” said Reading’s Managing Director Carl Geffken. “It’s money well spent because you’re being provided with excellent direction, wonderful legal knowledge, and you’re drawing on their expertise and experience. It’s almost like having your own legal suit.”

Said Ballard Spahr Labor and Employment partner John McLaughlin, who represented Reading during the fire union negotiations: “I think we’re very valuable. If you look at what an arbitration costs and also how much you save, there’s really no comparison. It’s really a no-brainer. For a lot of elected officials, it’s a different approach. They say, ‘Why are we taking this aggressive approach?’ Then, they review the numbers, they look at the numbers and say, ‘I can see why. It’s the only way we’re going to get out of this mess.’”

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