Based on the highly successful book Franchising for Dummies by Michael Seid, this seminar series has been developed to provide prospective franchisors with the information they need to make their decision on whether franchising is the right expansion strategy for their company. Ballard Spahr is pleased to co-host this event with MSA Worldwide.

Topics include:

  • What is franchising?
  • Types of franchising and ownership structures used in franchising
  • Advantages and disadvantages of franchising
  • Criteria used to determine if a business is ready to franchise – franchisability
  • Franchise law and the franchise regulatory scheme
  • Understanding the differences between licensing, franchising, and business opportunities
  • The difference between licensing and franchising
  • Determining if franchising is the correct expansion strategy for your company
  • The benefits and risks of franchising
  • The design, development, and implementation of a franchising strategy
  • The financial implications of developing a franchise
  • Establishing the fee structure of a franchise system
  • Defining the profile of the franchisee(s)
  • Developing the strategy for franchise expansion
  • The use of technology in the support and expansion of the franchise system
  • The timing and cost of becoming a franchisor


Kim I. McCullough, Partner, Ballard Spahr