It’s no surprise that cities, towns, and local governments can’t “go out of business”—but it took the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression to force public-sector managers and their financial stakeholders to come to terms with the implications of that.

The Bond Buyer’s 2nd Annual Symposium on Distressed Municipalities will help policy makers and market participants diagnose the sources of financial distress for cities, towns, and local governments; identify the proven turnaround strategies that fit; and gain practical, peer-level advice on the best tactics for implementing those plans.  

For the complete symposium agenda, please click here.


  • Municipal Fiscal Distress 
  • Local Pension Reform 
  • Local Government Oversight 
  • Michigan Update 
  • Distressed School Districts 
  • Lessons Learned 
  • Federal SC2 Program and Distressed Municipalities 
  • Financing Techniques That Can Help 
  • Investing In Distressed Credits 


Moderator, Kimberly C. Betterton, Partner, Public Finance Department

William C. Rhodes, Chair, Public Finance Department

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