Congress painted a bull’s-eye on the back of the payday lending industry when it adopted the Dodd-Frank Act. Now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has announced how it plans to take aim. So just who is in the CFPB’s cross hairs? At this webinar, we will address the implications of the Bureau’s recently released examination manual on payday lending, including the legality of Richard Cordray’s appointment and attorney-client privilege issues raised by CFPB exams.


  • What companies fall within the scope of the exam manual? Should banks, title lenders or other lenders be concerned?
  • How will CFPB exams be conducted? What does the CFPB intend to do with consumer surveys?
  • What issues are of primary concern to the CFPB?
    -- Sustained use?
    -- Improper electronic funds transfers?
    -- Third-party relationships?
  • What does the CFPB manual suggest about CFPB substantive interpretations of Dodd-Frank and the “enumerated” consumer laws now within the CFPB’s jurisdiction?
  • How should the industry prepare for CFPB exams?
  • Is Director Cordray’s appointment legal?
  • Will attorney-client privilege be protected?  


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET | Webinar


Alan S. Kaplinsky, Practice Leader, Consumer Financial Services Group
Jeremy T. Rosenblum, Practice Leader, Consumer Financial Services Group
Keith R. Fisher, Of Counsel, Consumer Financial Services Group
Mark J. Furletti, Associate, Consumer Financial Services Group