The U.S. Supreme Court has now unequivocally endorsed the arbitration of consumer claims on an individual basis, but many businesses have yet to take full advantage of this significant development in the law. Implementing a consumer arbitration program—and enforcing it—may require some time and resources. But it’s well worth it. The cost of resolving disputes in the courts continues to rise, and court battles can drag on for years. In comparison, arbitration is both cheaper and a lot quicker. 

In this webinar, our experienced arbitration litigators will guide you through the process, from commencing an arbitration proceeding to confirmation or vacatur of the award. 


  • Commencing an arbitration proceeding after a court has compelled individual arbitration
  • Responding to consumer arbitration demands
  • Differences in arbitration procedures among the major arbitration administrators
  • Selecting and attempting to disqualify arbitrators
  • Discovery and hearings
  • Preserving issues
  • Confirming or vacating awards


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET | Webinar


Alan S. Kaplinsky, Practice Leader, Consumer Financial Services Group


Mark J. Levin, Partner, Litigation Department 
Daniel J.T. McKenna, Associate, Consumer Financial Services Group