Patents have become an increasingly popular way to protect innovation in a variety of industries. The financial services industry is no exception, and financial institutions of all kinds are relying on patents to protect their inventions. Meanwhile, patent owners are becoming more aggressive in enforcing their patent rights, including through extensive licensing campaigns and patent litigation. Financial services companies that are not prepared to handle patents―both offensively and defensively―do so at their peril, and may also be missing significant opportunities to protect their turf and achieve a return on their innovation investments.


  • Innovation in the financial services industry
  • Protecting your innovation with patents, trade secrets, and other forms of IP
  • Trends and recent cases involving the use of patents for financial and business methods
  • Obtaining a patent
  • Patenting the right kind of invention
  • Practical strategies to protect, exploit, and enforce your patent and IP rights
  • Mitigating patent risk


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET |  Webinar


Alan S. Kaplinsky, Practice Leader
Consumer Financial Services Group