Weeks after cycling and multi-modal transit advocates objected vehemently to the news the Baltimore Department of Transportation plans to allocate zero new dollars for bike lane projects in fiscal 2020, and far less than originally planned for the next couple years, DOT appears to be sticking to its guns.

A plan presented to Baltimore's Planning Commission Thursday afternoon indicates DOT has budgeted a doughnut ($0) for cycling infrastructure next fiscal year, $720,000 for fiscal 2021 and $788,000 for fiscal 2022. Through 2025, the agency has set aside enough to fund a total of about 16 road miles of lanes–and some of those projects aren't even new, given that they were originally scheduled for completion by the end of 2017, or involve tweaking existing facilities like the Maryland Avenue Cycle Track, rather than new construction.

Jon Laria, a local attorney for Baltimore Spahr who Mayor Catherine Pugh appointed chair of her Bicycle Advisory Commission, lauded DOT for moving some funds around since the last Capital Improvement Program hearing, but nonetheless said DOT's presented numbers are "not enough. It's too cautious, it's too slow."

The final vote on the cycling infrastructure budget plan will be March 7.

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