Donald Trump's love for coal is hardly secret. As a candidate, he promised to make coal great again and end a supposed "war on coal" from Obama-era regulations that favored natural gas and renewables.

At first, electric utilities and the oil and gas industry were supportive, seeing the deregulation as an opportunity for them too.

But in recent weeks concern has grown that the Trump Administration may be going too far with two proposals: a rule propping up coal suggested by the Department of Energy last week and the proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan without a replacement which leaked to press this week.

"The coal industry has been sick for a while," says Brendan Collins, an environmental lawyer at the firm Ballard Spahr. "The thermal coal industry is much closer to needing Dr. Frankenstein's services than a general practitioner's services.

At the heart of the dispute is the reality that the Trump Administration can't simply bring back the coal industry by undoing regulations.

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