A Ballard Spahr litigation team, led by David H. Pittinsky, scored a decisive victory for 12 municipalities in St. Louis County, Missouri this week when the State Supreme Court ruled that a 2015 Missouri law passed in the aftermath of the Ferguson riots was an unconstitutional special law.

The law limited the amount of revenue the St. Louis County municipalities could raise from minor traffic offenses to 12.5 percent of their annual revenues and required them to seek police accreditation for their police forces. All of the other municipalities in Missouri counties had a cap of 20 percent and were not required to obtain police accreditation. In its 5-1 decision, the Missouri State Supreme Court held that the law improperly singled out St. Louis County and its municipalities and was therefore an unconstitutional special law.

"The fact is, they're not pariahs and they're not second-class citizens. They deserve to be treated the same way all other municipalities in all the other Missouri counties are treated," Mr. Pittinsky said of the cities he represented. "The decision was a win for the rule of law. It was a great and courageous ruling by the Supreme Court, which didn't let politics affect the decision."

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