A Jefferson County District Court Judge on Wednesday ruled a temporary restraining order obtained by the Jeffco sheriff and county attorney Jan. 23, preventing CBS4 from posting a news story about a Jeffco sheriff's deputy, amounted to "unconstitutional prior restraint."

Judge Philip McNulty struck down the restraining order, allowing the television station to re-post the story about Deputy Myriah Lovato, who was charged with multiple felony counts and misdemeanors for allegedly engaging in a prohibited relationship with an inmate, smuggling contraband into the jail and allegedly sharing confidential law enforcement information with an inmate.

CBS4 complied with the restraining order and removed the report on Lovato from its website, CBSDenver.com. But attorneys for CBS immediately challenged the order and sought another hearing to have it lifted.

CBS attorney Ashley Kissinger told the Judge the restraining order was "patently unconstitutional" and should be vacated. She pointed out that after the initial report was published, and Jefferson County investigators expressed some concerns, CBS4 updated the initial report to address those issues.

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