In its effort to end veteran homelessness, the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) offers legal resources to people who qualify. About once a month, veterans come to the VA Medical Center for legal aid. Their specific reasons vary from needing help to providing it. Not all of the attorneys are veterans themselves, but some are, including Ballard Spahr's Charlie Nelson.

Nelson says he helps because at one point, he needed legal aid, too. And as he dedicates a few hours every other month offering his service pro bono, his true measure of success is in knowing his work continues to work.

"When someone comes back and is either continuing a question from the last time they came, or they come back and they specifically want to see me, then I feel like I've given them good service and that they know they know they can continue to get good service from the clinic," said Nelson. "And that makes me feel like I've really given back to the veterans."

Watch the full broadcast here. Charlie is featured at 1:28 mark of video.

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