While Republicans tightened their grip on the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, their expanded majority isn't enough to guarantee a slew of long-stalled employment agency nominees will win confirmation, with a few nominations even less likely in the face of a larger GOP majority, experts say.

As rumors of NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce's possible renomination gained steam in the days preceding the end of his term, several free-market groups wrote to the White House to express their opposition, saying he was tainted by pro-union bias.

But Steven Suflas, managing partner of Ballard Spahr LLP's Denver office who often handles cases that come before the NLRB, said Pearce still has a chance to win a fresh term despite the increased Republican majority in the Senate.

"Given Pearce's polarizing tenure as NLRB chairman, his renomination was mildly surprising," Suflas said. "But this president is focused on 2020, and this move can be viewed in part as a recognition of those unions that supported him in the last election. Notwithstanding opposition from a number of groups, if the president maintains his support of the nomination, I expect that member Pearce will be confirmed."

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