Some entrepreneurs are trying to score on the notoriety of the "Philly Special" – one of the boldest trick plays in the 52-year history of the Super Bowl.

Since the Eagles won their first Super Bowl in franchise history on Feb. 4, four trademark applications have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to claim exclusive rights to use "Philly Special" for a diverse array of apparel ranging from hoodies to business suits. And one entrepreneur is seeking to trademark the term for cheesesteak sandwiches, a dietary staple of many people in the Philadelphia area.

However, as attorney Hara K. Jacobs noted, applying for a trademark is no guarantee that one will be granted.

Florida businessman Nathaniel Shoshan is offering a T-shirt with the words "Philly Special" in white letters and the play diagrammed in Xs and Os on a backdrop that shares the Eagles' green color. It highlights the challenge these entrepreneurs face.

"The Philadelphia Eagles have a strong claim of infringement here in my view," said Jacobs, a partner with Philadelphia-based Ballard Spahr, which specializes in intellectual property. "Put another way, if you as a consumer came across this T-shirt, would you think Philly Special was the brand of apparel, or would you think the phrase Philly Special was celebrating that gusty, brilliant call perfectly executed by the Eagles? I'm going with latter, most definitely."

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