Ballard Spahr Partner Leita Walker filed a motion on behalf of a coalition of Minnesota media outlets asking a judge to allow the media and public to view and copy evidence in the high-profile murder trial of former police officer Mohamed Noor.

The judge previously ruled that reporters and the public could view the evidence, but did not decide if the data could be copied, photographed, or videotaped.

Ms. Walker argued in her motion that it is imperative for the public to be able to copy the evidence in order to fully understand and accurately report on it.

Under the prosecutor's proposal, "every time a journalist, whether sitting in the Twin Cities or Australia, doubted the accuracy of something in her notes — or any time a new story idea emerged, requiring a fresh review of the evidence — she would have to schedule another appointment to review the exhibits and take another trip to the courthouse," Ms. Walker wrote in her brief, which would "delay the dissemination of important information to the public."

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