Every day, the thousands of voting jurisdictions in the U.S. share information about current voter registrations to guard against people being registered in multiple places. The Arizona Secretary of State receives hundreds each week and forwards them to the appropriate county recorder, as voter rolls in Arizona are maintained at the county level.

The fact that copies of notices were produced for AZCIR reflects a shift in policy by the Secretary of State’s Office, which had not been keeping copies of the voter registration notices as of January of this year and did not view them as public records.

But First Amendment attorney David Bodney said the Secretary of State’s office is required to maintain copies of the voter notices.

Arizona’s public records law explains that “all records made or received by public officials or employees of this state or the counties and incorporated cities and towns of this state in the course of their public duties are the property of this state.”

The Secretary of State’s Office changed its policy earlier this year and now keeps copies of all voter notices it receives.

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