A Maricopa County Superior Court judge took under advisement a request by several media outlets to unseal court records regarding Aaron Saucedo, who police and prosecutors believe to be the “Serial Street Shooter” who terrorized predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods in Phoenix between the summer of 2015 and July 2016.

In a hearing Wednesday, Deputy County Attorney Patricia Stevens argued that the document should remain closed to keep the media from interfering in the ongoing investigation and to protect what she called “investigatory conclusions” set forth in the document.

Saucedo, 23, currently faces charges in connection with a single killing.

Tim Agan, an attorney for Saucedo, told Judge Scott McCoy that Saucedo, like prosecutors, preferred the records to remain sealed because he is not charged with any additional crimes. “At this point, we are dealing with one murder charge,” he said. Agan said it’s not a foregone conclusion that Saucedo would be charged with everything mentioned in the arrest document, and he didn’t want to jeopardize Saucedo’s chances of getting a fair trial.

Craig Hoffman, an attorney for the media, responded, “Doing reporting on ongoing investigations is the job of the media.”

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