Pennsylvania Sen. Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery, went viral this week with his Twitter tirade against President Donald Trump, earning cheers from some quarters and anger from others. But what about his colleagues at eight-lawyer Philadelphia firm Sacks Weston Diamond, where Leach is of counsel?

His actions prompted a discussion of firm policies in the area of political speech by their attorneys.

Mark Stewart, chairman of Ballard Spahr, said his firm likely has a written policy, but no blanket rule would address the issue effectively.

"This is an issue in which a policy is never going to answer your question," Stewart said. "Common sense and judgment, which we expect our lawyers to have, really is the most important thing."

Stewart said his firm encourages its lawyers to be active in politics and the community, even with their varying views, as long as the activity does not "throw our clients in an unfair or unkind light."