Attorneys for two South American soccer officials charged in U.S prosecutors' wide-ranging FIFA corruption case attacked the government's case on Tuesday during oral arguments on two separate bids to toss charges, telling a federal judge in Brooklyn that the government's case does not hold water.

Jose Maria Marin, the former president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, is facing Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) charges. Juan Angel Napout, a former FIFA vice president, also filed a motion to dismiss RICO wire fraud charges against him tied to two alleged bribery schemes related to marketing rights for international soccer tournaments.

Marin's motion to dismiss applied only to the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations RICO charges against him. His attorney, Charles Allen Stillman, analogized the argument to a wheel without a rim, where the hub is FIFA and the spokes are the individual continental confederations, such as the South American Football Federation, or CONMEBOL. But there is no rim to connect the spokes together into a RICO conspiracy, he said.

"This is a wheel without a rim," he said.

"There is never a piece of alleged evidence that says, "Hey, let's get all these spokes together.'"

Judge Chen did not rule on either motion Tuesday, saying decisions would come soon.

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