Should U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch be approved for the High Court, he will likely come down on the side of employers in cases concerning labor issues, observers said.

Brian Pedrow, a partner with Ballard & Spahr in Philadelphia, said Judge Gorsuch “clearly is going to take a more conservative approach on labor and employment issues, which tends to translate into a pro-employer viewpoint.”

“He honors precedent, which means his decisions should be predictable,” said Mr. Pedrow. “He doesn’t legislate.”

Observers believe Gorsuch would rule in favor of class action waivers in arbitration agreements between employers and employees, an issue the Supreme Court has agreed to review in NLRB v. Murphy Oil.

Based on Judge Gorsuch’s past precedent, “he would probably rule on the side of upholding” the waivers, said Mr. Pedrow.

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