Friday's meeting of the Historical Commission opened with the latest twist in the ongoing St. Laurentius saga, but otherwise the meeting proceeded in a fairly breezy fashion. Which is not to say that nothing of note occurred—it saw the designation of the first historic district in six years—but the business that did take place proceeded at a remarkably rapid clip, with five cases being added to the local register of historic places over the course of a half hour. In fact, every single case up before the commission was added to the local register of historic places with the exception of a couple technicalities at the end of the session.

At the last meeting of the designation committee, zoning lawyer Michael Sklaroff presented a case to un-designate the house at 4054 Chestnut Street. Only added to the register last summer, the house recently saw several of its neighbors demolished before the committee could add them to the register. (In that case, the demolition permits were obtained before the preservation gears could get into motion.) Now the owner of 4054 Chestnut wants his property taken off the register as well, although Sklaroff insists that no comparable destruction is planned.

"This building in its own right is no longer fundamentally significant," said Sklaroff. "There are no pending permits for alteration of demolition. The land owner believes, however, that the property should be free of regulation and should not be on the register because it is not of that level and is not significant."